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This page is for downloading BanksiaGUI – a free chess GUI with beta versions, before officially releasing.

To run the app, just download, unzip and click the program. You need a 64-bit OS, Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Bug reports, ideas, suggestions, feature requests… are highly appreciated! Please use some below ways:

New: You are welcome to join and post on Banksia GUI forums. Forums’ topics are chess/computer chess in general. Recently, it has just been eased temporarily for registering.


We plan to support/study some hardware. Some of them are expensive. Thus we need some help from you all. You may donate us some hardware (such as electronic chessboards). Used or new is fine. Or even lend us for a while (for a few months). You may donate or advertise on our app too. For any donation above US$50, we will display your name/information/advertisement in the About dialog box of BSG as a golden sponsor for one year (for being Diamond sponsors with unlimited time, please discuss with us). All help is highly appreciated!


Version 0.58 (RC1 version) (18 Jan 2023)

This version is RC1 to prepare for the first official version (1.0)

Most of the efforts are to find and fix bugs and do some small changes such as colors, help, guides, and tooltips. However, there are some new things, including:

  • Limit tournament concurrency by the number of threads (Fig. 1)
  • Edit PGN tags (Fig. 1)
  • Marks of made moves can be changed from some built-in styles to customs (Fig. 1)
Fig. 1 Limit tournament games by their total threads; edit PGN tags; customizable move marks (yellow circles)


In previous versions, we can limit tournament concurrency by a number of games. That is simple and works well for typical matches when all engines play with the same-fixed number of threads. However, sometimes users may want some tournaments in which engines could play with different numbers of threads/CPU and/or remote engines. A new way to limit tournament concurrency via the number of threads helps to play those tournaments in a more efficient and safer way

Language packages

To use Banksia GUI with some languages, users can download language packages (extension .qm) and copy them into folder languages (it is located in the same folder with the runnable file of Banksia GUI. For macOS, it is in package, right-click on that to popup menu and select Show Package Contents)

You may help people by translating BSG into your languages by forking one of the below repositories:

Youtube channel

Version History


BanksiaGUI is built based on our open-source Banksia. You may visit, download and/or contribute:

Other Downloads

Download engines, databases, and opening books:

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