Internationalize BSG

Banksia GUI can be internationalized to adapt to different languages. You can help us and other people.


  • Download necessary files
  • Translate and try
  • Send to us

1. Download

Translation source files: (updated data for version 0.30, 28 June 2020)

  • bsg_en.ts: translation source (ts) files in English
  • bsg_fr.ts: translation source files in French, translated by Arnaud Loheac
  • bsg_de.ts: translation source files in German, translating by Silitho Danuur, updated translation for 0.28
  • bsg_es.ts: translation source files in Spanish, translating by Patricio Baeza, updated translation for 0.35

External tools:

You may ignore those tools since BSG translation source files are text files thus a simple text editor may work well with them. However, the below tools can help.

  • Qt Linguist: this tool comes with Qt Creator thus we can’t download and use it separately. If you can, download that software (Qt Creator, it is a freeware with community version, at to use Linguist. It can help to speed up the translation significantly. It can convert your text files (translate sources) into binary files (with extension .qm) to use directly with BSG thus you can use immediately and/or check the translation

2. Translate

Change the file bsg_en.ts into your language form:

  • Change filename: change the suffix from en to your language code which is two characters long. For example, Germany has language code is de and the country code is de too. Thus the file name should be renamed into bsg_de.ts
  • Set language-country code: open the translation source (text file), set up the header into new language-country code, in the example is de_DE:

<TS version=”2.1″ langugage=”de_DE”>


All English sentences between tags <source></source> should be translated into new language and store in next tags <translation></translation>. The property type=”unfinished” should be removed. You may ignore to translate if the English sentence is accepted by your language.

<location filename=”../../ui/dlg/activegamewidget.ui” line=”68″/>
<source>All games</source>
<translation>Alle Spiele</translation>

If you are using Qt Linguist, you can convert the translation source into binary by release function (menu -> File -> release). The tool will create a new file with extension .qm (bsg_de.qm). Just copy that file into the folder languages of BSG runnable file (for macOS, that folder is inside the packet BanksiaGUI). Restart BanksiaGUI and you can select your language from the main menu. Check, re-translate and re-try until you satisfy.

3. Send to us

Send your work to us translation sources (via email or give us a download link) we will release it with BSG thus many people can use and thank you 🙂