Setup for Leela Chess Zero (Lc0)

BanksiaGUI has planned to support deeply Leela Chess Zero (Lc0) in some developing steps. As the current state, you may watch/study Lc0’s stats.


You may download Lc0 from its official place or just use Download dialog of Banksia GUI. Before downloading, remember to stick on the check box “Auto add after downloading”. Now click on “Download” button and wait. Banksia GUI will download Lc0 and auto-install it for you.

Lc0 downloaded from Banksia GUI page comes with some small networks thus it is ready to run. You may download some more networks from Lc0’s home page.

Turn on stats

Lc0 will print out some specific stats when some options turn on. They are “LogLiveStats” and “VerboseMoveStats”.

Watch stats

Users may see visually Lc0’s stats in two forms: table and bubbles.


There is a button to show stats table. Typically this button is hidden and it becomes visible only when Lc0 starts printing out stats.

All columns of the table are sortable. Just click on a column’s header to sort that column


Turn on via Settings, first tab (General) and check “Move stats bubbles”. Users can setup sizes and colors for them too as well as what information of stats to show on bubbles. At the moment there is a limit of two numbers on a bubble.

Below is a screen show stats table and bubbles when working with Lc0: