Lichess bot

Banksia GUI (BSG) can connect and play as Lichess bots. It can manage auto multi bot accounts. As usual, BSG can help much to make everything to be visual, auto, and easy. Users can watch live games with all information such as chess boards, computing info… Setup engines, change between them, select opening books… all are easy and quick too.


1) Create a Lichess bot account and get API key

  • Create an account for your bot onĀ If you want to convert from an existing account, it must not play any game before
  • Create a token (named OAuth2 token). After logging in, use this link to create the token. Don’t forget to select the box “Play as a bot”.

A token is a string, e.g. Yb1aaKrLere43HQ9, you should copy it to store carefully and to enter BSG.

There is still another step to upgrade your account to bot account but BSG will auto do it for you.


2) Add a bot record to BSG

In BSG, turn on Lichess bot panel (menu -> connection -> Lichess bots). Click on the button with plush (“+”). An empty row will be added to the below table. The row has 3 cells in a pink color you must fill. Double click on those cells to setup:

  • Name: just type any name you want. Note that the real bot name is the account name
  • Token: just copy the token from (1) to here
  • Engine: select an engine to play for the bot

After filling in all 3 cells, BSG will fill the rest and display the row as illustrated image.

3) Login, logout

Click on the button “Go online” (in the first column) to log in. When logging in, click that button again to log out.


4) Auto accept challenges

BSG Lichess bot auto-accepts challenges from other players. The conditions to accept can be changed from the left above box.


5) Challenge

To challenge a player you should know his account name. Click on the button “Challenge” to popup a dialog to set up conditions and start challenge that player.