Tournament window

Banksia GUI is built on top of Banksia – A chess tournament manager. Thus it is good for making and managing tournaments. With graphic abilities, now it can do almost everything visually and much easier.

The attached image is the tournament window after a tournament created. With that, users can:

  • View visually all tournament events: which games are playing, results, serious reasons (illegal moves, time out)…
  • Review played games
  • View current tournament result (based on played games)
  • Edit games in tournament: delete, change their orders
  • Easy to play, stop and resume the tournament
  • Change concurrency (number of games that are playing at one moment). Imagin, you need your computer a short period when a tournament playing, you may stop (then resume) or simply reduce concurrency (then increase later)
  • Reset to reuse: simply reset all games in a created tournament to play again
  • Edit JSON: Banksia manages tournaments by JSON files. Edit them you can control everything in details