Support tournament concurrency with LCZero/GPU engines

The new version 0.41 of Banksia GUI is solving the dilemma of tournament concurrency with Lc0/GPU engines: if users set the concurrency to more than 1, there may be two or more GPU games (games with GPU engines) at a moment, making serious conflicts between GPU engines since they are sharing the same graphics card; if the users set the concurrency to 1 only, there may be no conflict between GPU engines but their computers may waste resource and time if their hardware could run concurrently several games.

With the new release, users could: 1) mark engines as GPUs 2) set up CPU cores for GPU engines which may be different from ones for none-GPU ones 3) get clever tournament concurrency: Banksia GUI will auto arrange to make sure no more than one GPU game can be played at a moment but still get maximum of concurrency.