“Recent tournaments” – a new automatic backup system for tournaments

At version 0.44, the tournament managing is reviewed and improved thus:

  • Tournament files can keep more information to continue creating correctly new games (e.g., for new rounds) regardless of the current parameters.
  • Whenever a new tournament is created, the previous one will be automatically stored in the “Recent tournaments” list (however if it will be ignored if it has not any played game, just to avoid creating too many empty items).

At any time users can look at the list to find the previous ones, remove what they don’t like, add or edit names/comments to them to easily remember, and of course to load them back to study and/or resume tournaments.

If the number of tournaments on the list exceeds the limit (its value is changeable) the older ones will be deleted. Users can increase the limit (say, 10 thousand) to guarantee to keep all tournaments. If they don’t want this feature they can turn it off by setting zero to that number. They can also tick to “keep” field of a tournament to avoid it being deleted accidentally. The being kept ones won’t be counted to the limit number. Of course, they can “un-keep” anyone to remove later. The dialog also implemented the new standard of BanksiaGUI: it can remember the last position and size.

Like a typical function “Recent files”, the new tournament managing can work automatically, with or without human attention. However, it’s more than a convenient function but it’s actually an auto backup system that may help users from losing accidentally their precious tournaments.