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Dear all,

Welcome and thank you very much for visiting, downloading and helping us!

This page is for downloading BanksiaGUI – a chess GUI with preview versions, before officially releasing.

To run the app, just download, unzip and click to the program. You may need either a Windows 7, 10 64 bit, a macOS 64 bit, Linux 64 bit.


Ver 0.9 (7 Dec 2019)


  • Fix bugs
  • Some small improvements/adjustments
  • New features
    • Improve graphics: customization for pieces and panel background, workable for lower resolution screens
    • Nesting docking
    • Pickup and view engine-logs

Ver 0.8 (26 Nov 2019)


  • Fix bugs
  • Some small improvements/adjustments
  • New features
    • Shuffle tournament games Carousel
    • Customizable color for highlighting boards in Playing boards dialog
    • Customizable move highlights
    • Tournament result tables are shown in different tabs (not all in one)

Ver 0.7 alpha (23 Nov 2019)


  • Fix bugs
  • Some small improvements/adjustments
  • New features
    • New tournament type: Gauntlet
    • Crosstable for tournament

Ver 0.6 alpha (21 Nov 2019)


  • Support more OSs: MS Windows 7 64 bit and Linux 64 bit
  • Fix bugs
    • cannot download (in Download dialog) in Windows
    • some small bugs
  • Some small improvements/adjustments
  • New features
    • Playing games panel: can highlight games with scores over a threshold
    • Support UCI_ShowWDL

Ver 0.5 alpha (18 Nov 2019)

BanksiaGUI is totally freeware. However, because of being preview versions, it may have many bugs and problems. Thank you a lot for being patient. Please don’t distribute it to other users.

To report bugs, ideas, suggestions… please write down here as comments and/or email us as banksiagui at gmail dot com, we are highly appreciated.

Thanks again 🙂

15 thoughts on “Preview versions

  1. I would like to have a 4th option for tournament mode: gauntlet. As I test for CCRL that is the mode I use almost exclusively with all other GUI’s.

  2. Hello! Very promising GUI. I really like the general layout with the tourney schedule, tables, multi-games, etc.
    I am using v0.7 alpha on an old circa 2010 Mac Mini Core 2 Duo 2 under 10.13 High Sierra. It seems to freeze about 20-30 games into a tourney (round-robin or gauntlet, concurrency set only to 1). I have to force quit the app. I have 16gb memory and lots of disk space and was only running a browser in the background. I do not know whether this is a slow memory-type leak or something else. Sorry I cannot report more info at this time. I have lots of experience with other engines and other Chess GUIs so I thought I should report this.
    Thanks for this very promising GUI. I will definitely follow its progress.

    1. Thank you for using Banksia GUI. I don’t have mac mini to try, thus I need your help to check further. Can you do the following steps:
      – run the app Activity Monitor to check frequently computer’s memory
      – pick up 1 or 2 “good” chess engines. That is for making sure they are not the problem. Stockfish is usually a good one. Don’t try Lc0 since it is not good for macOS and may freeze the screen
      – now run Banksia GUI, create a tournament with above engines, first set Games/pair small, say 4, then increase later, turn off almost all things, don’t use opening books, no log, no syzygy… Set time controller to very fast (say, standard 10 seconds per games) -> you can try fast
      – start the tournament
      Just observe if BSG can complete the tournament and check memory if it becomes exceeding your physic memory.
      If the tournament completed well, try to double the number of games by double the games per pair…
      Please report here your experiments. Thanks

      1. I don’t think the “mac-mini” itself (type of processor) would make any difference. I think the freeze would probably happen on ANY Mac processor. I have 16gb of physical memory for just these type of applications and rarely use more than 50% (as reported by menu-bar stats). I did indeed use all known good engines (Stockfish 10, Komodo 13.2.5, etc.) that I have used before. I think you may have a pointer or memory-structure leak somewhere. I will run some more tests and note the CPU and memory usage. When it froze several times before Mac OS simply reports (“BanksiaGUI has become non-responsive”). I was using eight well-known engines with a 3-minute+1sec time control. I will of course test the new version 0.8 alpha. Very promising GUI when it becomes stable.

        1. Thanks for the reply and help. The problem (for me) I can’t reproduce that issue on my iMac (2017, it has a similar 16 GB memory but quad-cores and using Catalina). I will do some more tests too.

  3. I sent you the following email (with attachments) to banksiagui gmail com.

    Hello again. I have a bit more info on the “freezing” behavior. I am now using version 0.8alpha which seems somewhat better. But it still slows down and the apparent memory usage is “bloated” (much larger) about halfway through a tourney. I have attached several screenshots that show memory usage growing steadily as my tourney progresses. Banksia memory started at a modest 88mb (even though I forgot to take a screenshot at start). But the images (look for Banksia process at bottom of each image) show the memory steadily increasing with the last memory image being about halfway through a 144 game round-robin tourney (but Banksia has not “frozen” at this point, just slowed down). Surely this memory increase in the Banksia process is not normal? I would bet that some data structure is constantly being allocated memory that often does not get released. I did see the memory usage dip a bit for short periods but always ends up increasing steadily. I hope this info helps!

    By the way, I really like the tournament info tabs in v0.8. The “tech” info is very useful. All in all you have done a very good job with Banskia! I hope it continues to progress!


    P.S. – I use cutechess (both cli and GUI) and several other chess GUIs on a constant basis. You already have some features in Banskia that they don’t have!.

    1. I got your email. Thanks a lot!

      Yes, it looks like BSG has trouble with the memory leak. I have been fighting on this issue. It is not clear how hard the leak since BSG keeps some info of completed games, thus memory must increase after each game. In my computer (16 GB memory) BSG can play continuously thousands of games. BTW, I will focus on this issue now.

  4. Hello again. Well, it is good that you are at least aware of the problem. It does make sense that the “slowdown” is probably worse on an old slower processor like mine, but NOT desirable on any machine. I am not a C++ programmer (mostly pascal and flavors of basic), but you should probably ask around on TalkChess for some suggestions. There are lots of sharp folks on that forum. Good luck. If I can be of any further help, let me know.

  5. One more thought. I did have logs, etc. enabled on these tournies. Are you maybe putting them in memory before Banksia writes them out and then maybe not releasing the memory, etc! Just a thought!

  6. Thanks for the arrow keys and OSX support.
    Small edit: On Settings screen, General tab, next to Move stat bubbles, Medium is misspelled. Same with Book/Egtb tab.
    And for Database Viewer, can you tighten up the game list. It seems that there is too much space between lines.
    Also when selecting a game from the DB Viewer, it always brings up the game with the last move shown instead of showing the initial game ready to play move 1 (which seems different from other GUI’s I’ve used).

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