JSON files – the source of being highly flexible and customizable

Banksia console uses several JSON files to work. The first one (engine.json) keeps information about engines. The second one (tour.json) keeps information/settings about the tournament such as type of tournament, control time, opening books… The 3rd one (playing.json) is the list of matches in a tournament, including all involving information such as openings, results…

BanksiaGUI which uses Banksia console as the base has inherited those files. It has a beautiful graphics system of dialogs, popups to help users to visually edit, customize all settings, configurations for playing and for the matches. For almost all tasks, users don’t need to edit directly those JSON files. However, BanksiaGUI still allows users to access, edit them as well as allowing to update back from them.

That guarantees users can control BanksiaGUI in any detail/aspect.