Version 0.55 released

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Version 0.55 released

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Version 0.55 released

Besides some minor bug fixes, many small improvements and changes, there are some new things, the majority about databases, including:
  • Network engines can be used for ECA and Analyse
  • Analyze to find blunders
  • Graphs: curve lines (smooth curved lines - good for eyes); line areas (Fig. 1)
  • Test positions/suites: can work with multi laps
  • Clock: could show scores/comments (to be easier to watch them); more choices for their locations (Fig. 1)
  • Engine’s configuration tooltips: show changed values
  • Default folder for engines: it is a sub-folder “engines” in the program folder. When starting BSG will auto check and install/remove if it founds any engines/missing in that folder
  • Update Score indicator on the fly
  • MultiPV arrows
  • Show arrows for threatening moves (Fig. 2)
  • Board preview: show with a move list (Fig. 3)
  • Drop opening books to BSG: a popup for selecting tasks: view, install to normal games or tournament games
  • Paste a FEN: auto detect if it is standard or chess 960
  • Support EPD files in both formats of text (.epd) and SQLite (.epd.db3). If the input is a text one, BSG will auto convert it into an internal SQL database. Users could view them in tables, watch their chessboards, and query with SQL, or with PQL statements. EPD files (both text and database) could be quickly dragged-dropped into BSG to show (Fig. 4)
  • Use only one viewer to view all different database types: OCGDB, PGN, EPD (for game databases), OOBS, and Polyglot (for opening books). All functions/actions should be more consistent
  • Export databases into PGN/EPD or other databases 
  • Could setup limit sizes for PGN files (for easier previewing large PGN/EPD files)
  • Tree view for OCGDB databases (Fig. 3)
  • OOBS (Open Opening Book Standard): could be queried by PQL
  • Improve PQL to work with patterns and tolerance numbers 
  • Improve speed for generating PGN/EPD opening books
  • All database types and features can work with chess 960 too

Fig. 1 Clocks with engines’ scores, graphs with curved lines and areas

Fig. 2 Arrows of threatening moves

Fig. 3 Database viewer with tree view. The board preview has a move list below

Fig. 4 EPD database
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