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Version 0.54 released

Posted: Fri May 20, 2022 1:23 pm
by pham
Version 0.54 released

Besides some minor bug fixes, many small improvements, and changes, there are some new things, including:
  • Show boards & brief info in the tournament panel as tooltips
  • The human can play in tournaments (re-implement the feature)
  • Use online EGTB (Lichess or Chessdb) for adjudicating
  • Officially support OCGDB (Open Chess Game Database Standard, based on SQLite). The new chess database format and code are one of the best so far (it is comparable to any best chess database program on any parameter) and highly optimized for sizes, speed, and position searching
  • Officially support OOBS (Open Opening Book Standard) - a new format for opening books based on SQLite
  • We pride ourselves as founders of two new open chess standards, one for databases and the other for opening books. Both are open-source, totally free, and built on SQL databases which are mature, very strong engines/libraries to store and search data. Those standards and code have open, clean, clear database structures thus very easy to understand, and convert data from, to or modify. All could work directly and very well with BSG. The game databases can have customized structures. Users may not be worried anymore about speed and limitations (very high than average need and much much higher than any other chess format/program)
  • EGTB 7-men has been available for some years. However, the number of users who download them all is still small (based on our experience and discussion on some forums). The reason is that 7-men are too huge, too expensive (to buy enough storage), and require too much time and effort to download. With the new feature, BSG can help users to get some benefits without downloading them. Lichess or chessdb could be chosen for adjudicating with endgames 7-men. In our tests, it is very fast, and smoothly and can help save significant time and computer power

Fig. 1 Watching tournament games is very convenient with a new database. Many of them were adjudicated by online 7-men EGTB

Fig. 2 A tooltip is displaying the board and some vital brief information about a tournament game

Fig. 3 Opening Book Viewer with an OOBS book