Exclude moves doesn't work

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Exclude moves doesn't work

Post by Vladimir »

"Exclude Moves" doesn't work. What I did:

1. Load Stockfish
2. Stockfish is black
3. Set thinking to "infinite"
4. Enter moves:

[Event "banksia game"]
[Date "2021.12.04"]
[White "hm::Human"]
[Black "Stockfish 031221"]
[Result "*"]
[TimeControl "infinite"]
[Time "18:48:31"]
[Termination "*"]
[ECO "B07"]
[Opening "Pirc"]

1. e4 d6 {-0.38/26 2000 26407570} 2. d4 Nf6 {-0.50/24 0 8429803}
3. Nc3 g6 {-0.76/23 0 4915928} 4. Bg5 {B07: Pirc, Byrne variation}

5. Stop Engine
6. Exclude move (untick): Bg7
7. Start engine again.

a) But now the engine doesn't calculate anymore
b) If I exclude move when engine is still thinking, the engine stops when I untick a move. When I try to restart it, it won't start.
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Re: Exclude moves doesn't work

Post by pham »

Thanks. The bug is fixed for the next release
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