Felicity EGTB restarted

Felicity EGTB for chess, Xiangqi and Jeiqi
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Felicity EGTB restarted

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Felicity EGTB (Endgame database/tablebase) is an open source for generating and probing EGTB. All code is written in C++ (using the standard C++17 library). It supports some chess variants: chess, Xiangqi, and Jeiqi.

From testing, EGTB doesn't help chess engines much, in terms of strength/Elo gaining. 6 men-Syzygy EGTB can help Stockfish to gain < 13 Elo.
In contrast, we believe EGTB can help much more for Xiangqi/Jeiqi engines because the endgames of those chess variants are much more complicated, with a lot of exceptions/tricky wins, which are much harder for humans/programs to learn. However, we don't have real statistics. We need to build some good EGTB first before measuring.

This project focuses on Xiaqqi and Jeiqi. But we will support chess too, for testing, learning and comparing.

The project has been restarted. We will rewrite all code when doing some research.

Information will be updated here and its GitHub:

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