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Shredderbase Tips

Post by TedSummers »

When installing Shredder in the Banksia GUI the option for:

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option name UCI_ShredderbasesPath
Is not displayed, to add it you need to edit the .json file for Shredder then add the following and save /update it.

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			"default" : "<empty>",
			"name" : "UCI_Shredderbasespath",
			"type" : "string",
			"value" : ""
Once done you will see the option to add the Shredderbase directory location.

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Re: Shredderbase Tips

Post by Clusterchess »

Thanks for the Tip Ted, much appreciated. 8-)

On another topic, have you any tips on how to get the hybrid option to work which allows you to join 2 or more engines together to create hybrid engine?
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