all Lichess BSG client button hanging

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all Lichess BSG client button hanging

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Hi Pham!

At least on 0.58 rc1 Mac builds M1 and x86, often all buttons become unresponsives while the gui continues to play / work normally. When I click them with the mouse I can hear the tick sound like if there is a modal window opened in the background, but there isn't.

Another suggestion: Chat input is separate from the output (differents tabs) difficult to follow both.

Kind regards, Alex


Found a workaroud on Mac (on PC dosn't happens) When you mimimize the challenging window it desappears, using show all windows on Dock you can close it and buttons restart working without the need of closing and restarting BSG. Makind a hooked window like Tournament results probably will fix this glitch.

Lichess has a great potential! With some little cosmetic changes would be better than Playchess and there are a lot of interesting statistical views online

PS: One last thing, I see the opponent ELO while playing after his name on the clocks, but mine is missing. Maybe cannot find the option .

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