Elite Chess DB

Elite Chess Datatabases is an app to view chess games from very high-quality chess databases. Users can watch, filter, search chess games, interact, analyse them, add/edit comments, and notes, solve puzzles


  • Elite: 780 thousand games. All games are from very high-ranking human players. They have been checked very carefully to remove redundancies and mistakes
  • Annotated games: 19 thousand games with annotations. That is the largest collection. Players range from low to high-rank human players, thus their games with annotations could be used for both studying and entertainment
  • Puzzles: 59 thousand puzzles, mate from 1 to 9. Users could solve by making move by move, then ask the app to verify

All databases use OCGDB (Open Chess Game Database standard) format, thus they have all advantages of that format such as being fast, compact, unlimited sizes, and very flexible…

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