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Dear all,

Welcome and thank you very much for visiting, downloading and helping us!

This page is for downloading BanksiaGUI – a chess GUI with beta versions, before officially releasing.

To run the app, just download, unzip and click to the program. You may need a 64 bit OS, either a Windows 7, 10, macOS or Linux.

Bug reports, ideas, suggestions, feature requests… are highly appreciated! Please use some below ways:


Ver 0.37 beta (29 August 2020)


  • Fixed bugs:
    • PGN parser/creator bugs on promotions
    • Download dialog shows nothing
    • Crash when reading EDP books
    • Some small bugs: sometimes missing display mate on Evaluation panel; collect wrongly data from PGN games to create stats
  • Some small improvements
  • New features:  
    • Support Chinese (translated by Qingyuan Ouyang)
    • Show the number of tournament games when changing parameters
    • Export/copy PGN games from Tournament list
    • Make a castle move by dropping King into Rook (it works before for Chess960 only)
    • Download and manage NNUE networks. However, this feature may be changed later, depending on Stockfish design

Language packages

To use Banksia GUI with some languages, users can download language packages (extension .qm) and copy it into folder languages (it is located on the same folder with the runnable file of Banksia GUI. For macOS, it is in package, right-click on that to popup menu and select Show Package Contents)

(no extra language packages, all available ones are released with BSG)

You may help people by translating BSG into your languages.

Version history


BanksiaGUI is built based on our opensource Banksia. You may visit, download and/or contribute:

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        1. Python is much easier than C++ for learning. It is also much easier when writing a new program due to it is a safer programming language (not easy to make mistakes), come with redundant libraries… However, C and C++ are better for creating higher performant programs. For the chess engine programmers, they almost talk in “C/C++ language” thus you are easier to discuss if using the same language with them.