BanksiaGUI for iOS

Different from running on desktop computers, chess engines cannot run independently on iOS devices. Instead, they must be embedded and integrated into a chess GUI (by coding).

We have been developing a new open-source Banksia GUI for iOS which can run on iPhone, iPad, and iWatch. The program comes with some already-integrated open-source chess engines.

The program will be published on the Apple store as some freeware, with some different names based on integrated engines:

  1. Stockfish (BanksiaGUI + Stockfish NNUE version 13dev/nn-03744f8d56d8.nnue)
  2. LeelaChessZero (BanksiaGUI + Lc0 0.26.3/703350.pb.gz)
  3. BanksiaGUI (BanksiaGUI + some top chess engines: some top chess engines: Stockfish, Lc0, Ethereal, Xiphos, Rubichess, Laser, Defenchess, Igel)

Each app comes as a pair: one for iPhone/iPad and one for Apple Watch. The watch apps can run independently with ones for iPhone/iPad.

Some iPhone screenshots:

Some Apple watch screenshots:

Battle on the wrist: