A new feature to respect engine developers

Banksia GUI 0.50 has been released with a new feature: showing names of engines and their authors in the panel of Strings/Stats and in the panel Engine info as tooltips. The below image is the illustration.

That is just a small improvement, usually, we don’t list such small improvements when releasing new versions. However, this time we list it as a new feature, just to show our respects to the authors/developers of engines. Engines play very important roles in chess systems but so far it’s not easy to find their authors in chess GUIs, chess systems.

The new feature has been designed carefully thus that information won’t take much of the front-end precious space nor annoy users too much but still be easily accessed and frequently displayed.

Same the idea of respecting, all engines, books, databases… in the download panel also come with authors’ names already (from previous versions).