Alpha versions

We have released Banksia GUI – alpha versions. They are not official releases but for testers and someone is interested.

If you are interested and patient (since they are alpha versions, they may have many errors and problems) and willing to help, just drop me a line.

Hardware limit: recently there are binaries for macOs and Windows 10 64 bit only.

Thanks for any help.

2 thoughts on “Alpha versions

  1. Hi, found your project. I downloaded the alpha 0.7. Using a macOS. GUI ist starting, but could not configure ay engine. No one from cloud, no one own engine. Error: This engine doesnt support any protocol!
    Could you help?

    1. If you are using macOS Catalina, the system requests users to allow manually any new app. Thus your chess engines cannot run immediately after downloading. You may run one by one engine (by double click on them or call from Terminal windows) and answer yes for the popup. Otherways is to open System preferences => Security & privacy => General tab and allow any engines listed there

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